Welcome to 5Q,
a self-development bodywork.

5Q is a movement system designed to support develop & improve natural human movement in everyday life as well as sports, dancing singing…

The ability to change our physical and emotional habits, comes from a deepening understanding of what we are doing in a thousand unconscious ways every day of our lives. All of us have developed physical and emotional habits that cause us pain. This pain can reduce our freedom to react to the challenges of life.

Self development is the betterment of the Human condition through Prevention of injury due to parasitic movements, Rehabilitation after an injury and a general improvement of your ability to react and heal quickly.

What makes 5Q so effective is that it is a personalized self development bodywork system. I see every person as a whole and not just the sum of their parts.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or sign up for the next demonstration.